EAGLE-ACCESS: Radical new ‘walk to work’ design!

eagle access


Walk to work systems: too expensive, too heavy, too complex and too unsuited for the essential task of cargo transfer to platforms.

Here’s where the new EAGLE-ACCESS patented concept radically breaks away from the current ‘walk to work’ designs: quicker and safer transfer of both cargo and people. EAGLE-ACCESS outperforms all current systems in safety, economics, workability and capacity: all without need for costly changes to platforms.

EAGLE-ACCESS B.V. introduces the next generation system for offshore transfer to platforms. A game changer.

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eagle access technical capabilities and commercial benefits


Technical analysis of current type heavy and complex walk to work access bridges show that there is much room for improvement via innovative simplification. On the other hand it has become clear in the market that the requirement for people transfer goes hand in hand with the need for cargo transfer from the same access system. Furthermore there is a strong wish to access higher platforms and for better availability: operating in more severe weather conditions and at higher sea-states. Also the pressure on today’s energy prices forces operators of offshore access systems to cut the cost per transfer.

The technically uncomplicated concept of EAGLE is based on these demands and is based on experience in design and operation of access systems for 15 years. A totally different concept handling cargo just as well as handling crew. Transferring from sea level to platforms up to 25 meter height. In sea states up to Hs 4,5 m. All patents of the revolutionary design have been applied for.

The light and rugged design uses proven technology only. It allows for extremely accurate full motion compensated transfer via only three electric drive actuators. Offering unmatched reliability and safety. Consuming only a fraction of the power compared to the power installed at current hydraulically driven access systems.

Eagle’s footprint on deck is only a few square meters. No space consuming and noisy HPU’s and hydraulic containers on deck anymore. Eagle is relatively simple to integrate in the vessel.

Eagle does not require costly modifications to the platforms to be accessed, as is the case for the current systems on the market. Eagle delivers crew and cargo to any existing platform, enormously enlarging the market for operators servicing offshore platforms.

Eagle requires only one operator with the same skills as a normal crane driver. Cargo is picked up from deck while crew can be transferred from locations at the superstructure of the vessel. So risk areas are avoided.

Investment in an Eagle unit as well as the operating cost of Eagle per transfer are dramatically lowered while availability and capacity considerably improve compared to current systems.


eagle access